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The Scientists and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing 2006-04-27 21:32:44 Description: A full textbook on DSP theory and application.
Author(s): Smith, Steven W.
License: Commercial
Type: Book
Format: Paper
URL: http://www.dspguide.com/ pdfbook.htm
Limitations: You can order a paper copy of Dr. Smith's book for $64 at his web site. You can also download all chapters of the book in PDF format at no charge.
ReviewText: Every bit as detailed as the texts you used in college - this IS a college text. Chapter headings include:
  • Statistics, Probability and Noise
  • ADC and DAC
  • DSP Software
  • Linear Systems,
  • Convolution
  • The Discrete Fourier Transform
  • Fourier Transform Properties,
  • Continuous Signal Processing
  • Introduction to Digital Filters
  • Chebyshev Filters
  • ... and much more
I downloaded the entire text long before I ever concieved this web site.
Keywords: ADC , DAC , DSP , statistics , Sampling Theorem , linear systems , convolution , Fourier transform , filters , Chebyshev , companding , imaging , neural networks , data compression , Laplace transform , Z-transform
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Affiliation: Reader
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