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Introduction to Matrix Algebra 2006-05-13 11:56:05 Description: The author is at the University of South Florida.
Author(s): Kaw, Autar K.
License: Commercial
Type: Book
Format: PDF
Price: $7.50 download. Some chapters available free.
URL: http://autarkaw.com/ books/ matrixalgebra/ index.html
Limitations: The entire text is no longer available as a free download, although some chapters are still available.
ReviewText: 192 page full-text PDF. Chapter headings include:
  • Vectors
  • Binary Matrix Operations
  • Unary Matrix Operations
  • Systems of Equations
  • Gaussian Elimination
  • LU Decomposition
  • Gauss-Siedal Method
  • Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
This is a basic college freshman level text. If you forgot everything you learned about matrices in college, or are just coming up to speed on the subject, this may be the text for you. It teaches by example, and doesn't get bogged down in extensive discussions or mathematical theory.
Keywords: matrices , vectors , Eigenvalues , Eigenvectors , Gaussian Elimination , LU Decomposition , Gauss-Siedal Method
Submitter: EE HomePage Editorial Staff
Affiliation: Reader
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