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Introduction To Vectors and Tensors 2006-05-14 16:06:28 Description: This 314 page full text lays out the basics of Linear and Multilinear Algebra.
Author(s): Bowen, Ray & Wang, C.C.
License: Commercial
Type: Book
Format: PDF
Price: free online
URL: http://www1.mengr.tamu.edu/ rbowen/
ReviewText: Contents include:
  • Elementary Matrix Theory
  • Sets, Relations and Functions,
  • Vector Spaces
  • Linear Transformations
  • Determinants and Matrices
  • Spectral Decompositions
  • Eigenvectors & Eigenvalues
  • Tensor Algebra
  • Euclidean Manifolds
At the same site, you can also download Introduction to Continuum Mechanics for Engineers.
Keywords: matrices , Eigenvalues , Eigenvectors , matrix theory , vector spaces , linear transformations determinants , spectral decomposition , tensor algebra , Euclidean Manifolds
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Affiliation: None
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