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Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification 2006-05-17 23:01:13 Description: Originally published in 1994. The books introduction states: "The aim of this book is to provide an up-to-date review of different approaches to classification, compare their performance on a wide range of challenging data-sets, and draw conclusions on their applicability to realistic industrial problems."
Author(s): Michie, D. & Spiegelhalter, D.J. & Taylor, C.C.
License: Commercial
Type: Book
Format: PDF, Other
Price: free online
URL: http://www.maths.leeds.ac.uk/ ~charles/ statlog/
Limitations: Available as a single, 298 page, PDF. The PDF is not hyperlinked.
ReviewText: Deals with machine learning, neural networks, statistical methods, rule-based approaches, decision trees, and much more. The paper version is apparently out of print. Expertise level: graduate
Keywords: neural networks , machine learning , statistical , rule-based , decision trees , linear discriminants , density estimation , linear regression , error rates
Submitter: EE HomePage Editorial Staff
Affiliation: None
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