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Design of Microstrip Dual Behavior Resonate Filters: A Practical Guide 2007-02-01 17:32:43 Description: "The basic principles of DBR are recalled before describing in detail the design of a microstrip DBR filter in Ku-band."
Author(s): Rius, E. & Quendo, C. & Manchec, A. & Clavet, Y. & Person, C. & Favennec, J.F. & Jarthon, G. & Bosch, O. & Cayrou, J.C. & Moroni, P. & Cazaux, J.L.
License: Commercial
Type: Tutorial
Format: Paper, HTML
Price: Free
URL: http://www.mwjournal.com/ Journal/ article.asp? HH_ID=AR_3620
Limitations: You will have to register at the MicroWave Journal site before accessing the full paper (it is free).
ReviewText: Warning! This tutorial is not for the faint of heart! Very detailed.
Keywords: filters , impedance , microwave , DBR , dual behavior resonate filters , microstrip , Ku-band
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Affiliation: None
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