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Designing With Plastics: A Practical Guide for Engineers 2007-04-22 18:56:06 Description: Design News magazine brought together tutorials and tools to assist engineers designing with plastics.
Author(s): Design News
License: Commercial
Type: Web-Site
Format: Video
Price: Free
URL: http://www.designnews.com/ info/ CA6316965.html
ReviewText: Electronics don't exist in a vacuum, which is why EE HomePage.com includes materials on other topics. You may find this particular website useful when you suddenly need to become knowledgeable regarding product packaging options.

Topics covered on this site include:

  • Plastic Prototyping Strategies That Work (Webcast)
  • Aesthetic, functional and regulatory considerations for colorants
  • Material Type Search Tool
  • Avoid Molding Pitfalls
  • How to Manage Stress
  • High-Temperature Plastics - Can They Really Take the Heat?
  • Practical Guide for Designing with Plastics

Keywords: packaging , mechanical engineering , plastic , molding , polymers
Submitter: EE HomePage Editorial Staff
Affiliation: None
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