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A (not so) short introduction to MEMS 2010-06-26 15:03:44 Description: "A one chapter description of MEMS technology that can be used by beginers or as course document for introductory MEMS class."
Author(s): Chollet, Franck & Liu, Haobing
License: Some Restrictions (includes GNU)
Type: Book
Format: PDF
Price: Free
URL: http://memscyclopedia.org/ Document/ introMEMS.pdf
Limitations: "Free to use, reuse or modify, but copyright is retained by the original authors and their use need to be acknowledged. Moreover the documents can not be used commercially without the copyright owner consent."
ReviewText: 135 pages. Covers MEMS fabrication, system partitioning, structures, packaging, assembly and test.
Keywords: sensors , Actuators , MEMS , packaging , capacitive sensing , DRIE , micromachining , piezoresistive sensing
Submitter: EE HomePage Editorial Staff
Affiliation: None
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