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WinSpice 2006-05-11 20:28:58 Description: The WinSpice site states: "WinSpice is a port of Spice3F4 to Win32 systems. WinSpice is ported to run in a window as a native 32-bit application. It can generate waveform plots to individual floating windows and contains a powerful scripting language (see the example files included with the executable)."
License: ShareWare
Type: Spice Simulator
Price: 85 (approximate)
URL: http://www.winspice.com/
OSs: Windows
Limitations: If used for commercial purposes, you need to purchase it (45). A nag screen will appear if you use extensions specific to WinSpice. Otherwise, fully functional with no limitations.
ReviewText: Reportedly also works under the Linux Wine environment. Does not include a schematic editor, but reports that 5Spice Environment is compatible.
Keywords: Spice , simulator , PSpice , MOSFET , circuit , SIM3 , JFET2 , BSIM4
Submitter: EE HomePage Editorial Staff
Affiliation: User
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