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TinyOS 2006-06-11 08:49:17 Description: The TinyOS website states: "TinyOS is an open-source operating system designed for wireless embedded sensor networks."
License: Open Source, GNU or similar
Type: Embedded Operating Sysem
Price: Free
URL: http://www.tinyos.net
OSs: Other, Source Available
Limitations: TinyOS source code (ANSI C) is available at SourceForge.net.
ReviewText: In the May 2006 issue of Sensors Magazine, David Culler noted: "TinyOS has been adopted by thousands of developers world-wide, on many platforms, for a broad range of wireless sensor networks. Its communicaton-centric design and module software model are tailored to the unique requirements of these networks...". This is one of two primary web-sites for the TinyOS open source network (The other is at SourceForge.net). Everything you need to get started with this OS is present.

The full text of the Sensors Magazine article is available at www.sensorsmag.com.
Keywords: sensors , wireless , networking , TinyOS , embedded OS , Wireless sensor networks , WSNs , OS
Submitter: EE HomePage Editorial Staff
Affiliation: None
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