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Eureka Equation Solver 2006-06-26 22:57:06 Description: Equation solving program by Roger Schlafly, originally marketed by Borland. The program has another variant known as Mercury.
License: Restricted - see web site for details
Type: equation solving & graphics
Price: free for personal or educational use
URL: http://www.spinstop.com/ roger/ eureka.htm
OSs: Other
Limitations: The Eureka site states:
  • Eureka is a 16-bit DOS program. Under Microsoft Windows, it runs in a command window.
  • It does not put itself in the Start menu or do anything to your system outside the directory where it is run.
  • There is no timeout, nag screen, advertising, or crippling limitation.
  • The hardware drivers have not been updated since about 1990, so a lot of newer printers will probably not work
We would add that it does not appear to recognize the mouse on our Win-XP machine.
ReviewText: As noted on the Eureka site, the program is a bit dated, but still functional. It comes as a zip file which contains the executable and a number of example files.
Keywords: equation solver , Mercury
Submitter: EE HomePage Editorial Staff
Affiliation: None
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