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Heterostructure Design Studio 2006-09-15 04:36:08 Description: Heterostructure Design Studio is state-of-the-art quantum simulation CAD system developed for semiconductor heterostructure engineering.
License: Commercial
Type: CAD
URL: http://www.optronicsdesign.com/ products.php
OSs: Windows
ReviewText: Heterostructure Design Studio provides full range of optoelectronics simulations, from layer design to optical gain; use of binary, ternary and quaternary alloy of semiconductor like GaAs, InAs, InP, AlGaSb and other; fast and precise calculations; intuitive and easy to use user interface, flexibility in specifying parameters.
Keywords: semiconductor , heterostructure , optronics , bandstructure , envelope wave function , wave function , subband , quantum well , superlattice , kp method
Submitter: Konstantin Kolokolov
Affiliation: Developer
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