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CircuitLogix 2007-06-12 20:15:41 Description: CircuitLogix is a Spice-based simulation package that appears to be targeted at the educational marketplace. A free student version is can be downloaded by students for use on their own machines. See the CircuitLogix web site for license restrictions.
License: Commercial
Type: Schematic design & simulation
Price: $249 for single user license. Student version available for free to qualified users.
URL: http://www.circuitlogix.com/ index.html
OSs: Windows
Limitations: Notes from the CircuitLogix site include:

"The student version of CircuitLogix electronics lab simulation is available free of charge to any student studying electronics through an educational institution.

The CircuitLogix Student Version is the same product as the full version of CircuitLogix with the following limitations:

  • 2D simulation only
  • Maximum of 50 devices per design (any type)
  • Device library limited to 1,000 models
  • Symbol editor and Macro feature disabled
  • Technical support limited to email only"

ReviewText: As we're not students, we didn't download the software for review purposes. The web link we've provided appears to be the student version of the same tool listed at http://www.logicdesign.com/. The Logic Design web site also notes "In addition to electronic components, CircuitLogix also features a wide variety of electro-mechanical devices and includes innovative features such as advanced motor control, process control, and relay logic components.".
Keywords: Spice , simulation , schematic , LTSPICE , mixed-mode simulation
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