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Fundamentals of Remote Sensing 2010-07-31 20:37:21 Description: A 258 tutorial written at a level to make it accessible to anyone. Topics cover include spectrum basics, active versus passive sensing, radiometric resolution, thermal imaging, multispectral scanning, radar basics, image analysis and more.
A (not so) short introduction to MEMS 2010-06-26 15:03:44 Description: "A one chapter description of MEMS technology that can be used by beginers or as course document for introductory MEMS class."
PC Assembly Language 2009-05-25 13:19:32 Description: This 195 page text (last revised in 2006) covers the basics of 80x86 assembly language programming. Chapters cover basic assembly language, bit operations, subprograms, arrays, floating point operations, structures and C++ and a summary of 80x86 instructions.
Computer Architecture and Interfacing to Mechatronic Systems 2009-01-28 21:44:04 Description: From the books introduction: "The purpose of this book is to address the links that need to be bridged between modern electronic and mechanical equipment. In other words, we look at the issue of what a mechanical or manufacturing engineer needs to know in order to sensibly design mechatronic systems. We also introduce the basic concepts that electrical / electronics engineers will need to understand when interfacing computer systems to mechanical devices."
Handbook of Semiconductor Silicon Technology 2009-01-27 21:25:25 Description: This text focuses on fabrication techniques for the semiconductor business. If you want to know more about vapor deposition, preparation of polysilicon, crystal growth of silicon, lapping, polishing, etc., then this is the text for you. Things have surely changed since this book was published in 1990, but it is probably of interest from an historical perspective anyway.
Multimedia Content Encryption 2009-01-27 21:01:29 Description: From the books preface: "The aim of this book is to give a detailed description and show the latest research results on multimedia content encryption. The content includes not only multimedia encryption's brief history, performance requirements and applications but also common and special encryption techniques, attacks, performance evaluations and some other open issues."
Vision Systems Design 2009-01-24 20:01:00 Description: Vision Systems Design is a publication of PennWell. Their tagline is "Vision and Automation Solutions for Engineers and Integrators Worldwide". The magazine offers an interesting mix of articles on cameras, vision systems, imaging and related fields.
System Analysis Reference 2008-12-19 10:48:00 Description: "This on-line reference presents the underlying theory and principles, relevant calculations and derivations and numerous practical examples as they apply to system reliability, maintainability, availability and related analyses. "
Accelerated Life Testing Reference 2008-12-19 10:41:39 Description: "An introduction to accelerated life testing for the general use of the practitioner. This on-line reference presents the underlying theory and principles, relevant calculations and derivations and numerous practical examples as they apply to accelerated life-testing analysis."
Life Data Analysis Reference 2008-12-18 22:46:21 Description: "Life Data Analysis Reference" was designed as a companion textbook to supplement ReliaSoft's Weibull++ application; but is also serves as a standalone reference on the topics of reliability engineering and life data analysis.
USB in a Nutshell 2008-11-01 12:02:09 Description: Instead of reading the 650 page USB 2.0 standard, you might want to start with this 30 page how-to summary from www.beyondlogic.org.
ARM: Assembly Language Programming 2008-10-13 23:51:57 Description: This 156 page text covers all the basics: Assemblers, ARM architecture, instruction set, data movement, looping constructs, math operations, tables and lists, subroutines, interrupt handling, etc.
Oscilloscope Fundamentals 2008-09-26 20:46:33 Description: This application note from Agilent Technologies provides an overview of oscilloscope fundamentals. You will learn what an oscilloscope is and how it operates. It discusses oscilloscope applications and give you an overview of basic measurements and performance characteristics. It also takes a look at the different types of probes and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.
MEMS Accelerometers 2008-08-10 23:46:34 Description: This is a nice, 17 page, introduction to MEMS accelerometers. It starts with a basic introduction to MEMS, moves on to capacitive plate sensing and demodulation, sensor noise characteristics, applications and MEMS fabrication.
System and Circuit Design for a Capacitive MEMS Gyroscope 2008-08-10 23:40:01 Description: This 279 page PhD Thesis from the Helsinki University of Technology discusses 1 and 2 degree of freedom resonators, the Coriolis Effect, mechanical-thermal noise, and bulk and surface micromachining. It reviews a number of published microgyroscopes, discusses synchronous demodulation, resonator excitation, capacitive readout and more.
Theory and Design of Micromechanical Vibratory Gyroscopes 2008-08-10 13:31:56 Description: This 20 page excerpt from The MEMS/NEMS Handbook provides a "general approach to the analysis of the dynamics and errors of different types of micromechanical vibratory gyroscopes as well as calculation of their performances for application in the design of such gyroscopes."
Robust Micromachined Vibratory Gyroscopes 2008-08-10 13:15:39 Description: This 257 page PhD Thesis does a nice job of explaining the theory of MEMS angular rate sensors (AKA gyroscopes). It provides a basic introduction to the Coriolis response, which forms the theoretical basis for vibratory gyroscopes. It discusses different types of suspension structures, damping effects, drive mechanisms, etc.
Design And Analysis Of MEMS Angular Rate Sensors 2008-08-03 12:11:05 Description: This 81 page Master's thesis from the Indian Institute of Science (2006) discusses different MEMS gyro designs (two for out-of-plane motion, and two for in-plane motion), damping mechanisms, equivalent lumped parameter models and simulated results.
Studies on CMOS Digital-to-Analog Converters 2008-07-20 18:51:08 Description: This 276 page thesis surveys D/A architectures, covering basic D/A conversion, behavioral modeling, current-steering D/A converters and oversampling D/A converters.
The Design of Band-Gap Reference Circuits: Trials and Tribulations 2008-05-24 21:03:08 Description: This brief article by Bob Pease gives a quick introduction to band-gap circuits, and progresses to discuss layout problems, startup problems, oscillation issues, voltage errors and modeling problems.
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