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References by Keithley for the Electrical Engineer
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Overcoming the Measurement Challenges of Advanced Semiconductor Technologies: DC, Pulse, and RF - From Modeling to Manufacturing 2007-08-30 07:12:56 Description: This 1st Edition text from Keithley discusses topics relating to advanced transistor gates and thin oxides, RF modeling, process control, and reliability testing.
Nanotechnology Measurement Handbook: A Guide to Electrical Measurements for Nanoscience Applications 2007-08-30 06:59:57 Description: This 1st Edition text from Keithley brings together tutorials on a number of measurement subjects relating to nanotechnology.
Low Level Measurements Handbook: Precision DC Current, Voltage, and Resistance Measurements 2007-08-28 05:48:14 Description: Currently in its 6th edition, this handbook from Keithley is one of a series of free texts designed to take the mystery out of lab measurements. This volumn discusses the types of measurement equipment you might use, instrument specs, voltage measurements from high resistance sources, low current measurements, high resistance measurements, charge measurements, low voltage measurments and more.