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Algorithms for programmers: ideas and source code 2007-01-17 18:27:27 Description: The cover page notes that "this is a work in progress". Pretty impressive considering this text is already 792 pages long!
Author(s): Arndt, Jorg
License: Unknown
Type: Book
Format: PDF
Price: free download
URL: http://www.jjj.de/ fxt/ fxtbook.pdf
ReviewText: The scope of this text is STUNNING. The table of contents alone runs for many pages. Look here for if you need algorithms!
Keywords: programming , convolution , Fourier transform , Chebyshev , algorithms , FFT , endianess , Gray codes , Hilbert curve , Fibonacci words , CRCs , sorting algorithms , LIFO , FIFO , stack , finite-state machines , decimation , Walsh transform , Reed-Muller transform , Kronecker product , Haar transform , Hartley transform , transcendental functions , AGM
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