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Oscilloscope Fundamentals 2008-09-26 20:46:33 Description: This application note from Agilent Technologies provides an overview of oscilloscope fundamentals. You will learn what an oscilloscope is and how it operates. It discusses oscilloscope applications and give you an overview of basic measurements and performance characteristics. It also takes a look at the different types of probes and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.
Author(s): Agilent Technologies
License: Commercial
Type: Tutorial
Format: Paper, PDF
Price: Free
URL: http://www.home.agilent.com/ agilent/ editorial.jspx? cc=US& amp;lc=eng& amp;ckey=1454080& amp;nid=-11143.0.00& amp;id=1454080
ReviewText: Agilent did a nice job on this app note. Sure, Agilent products are used as examples (else why would they spend their time writing it?), but the document is generic in nature, and a good primer on oscilloscopes in general. It talks about the pros and cons of various types of equipment, and has a down to earth approach to the topic.
Keywords: oscilloscope , measurement , lab equipment , test equipment
Submitter: EE HomePage Editorial Staff
Affiliation: None
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