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EE HomePage.com Subject Survey


EE HomePage subject surveys bring together references on specific subjects that might not individually make it into the EEHP databases. This particular survey is on the subject of System-On-Package.

  1. Development of next-generation system-on-package (SOP) technology based on silicon carriers with fine-pitch chip interconnection, IBM Journal of Research and Development
  2. Moore's Law Meets Its Match
  3. Text: Introduction to System-On-Package (SOP), by Rao Tummala, $125, Mcgraw-Hill Professional
  4. Compact System-On-Package (SOP) Architectures for lwo cost RF Front-end modules.
  5. 3D Integration: A Revolutionary Approach for SOP Millimeter-Wave Functions for High Data Rate Wireless Systems using Ceramic and Organic Technologies
  6. The Surface Mount Technology Association
  7. RF System in Package: Considerations, Technologies and Solutions
  8. Facilitating System-in-Package (SiP) design
  9. Amkor System in Package technology overview
  10. System-In-Package Technology, Application and Trends
  11. System in Package versus System on Chip
  12. IC Packages Feel The SQUEEZE
  13. SiP, 3-D IC stacking combat ever-shrinking form factors