Dental Implants

a man with missing lower right teeth

Tooth loss is no fun. It usually involves pain, either of the acute variety when the cause is an accident, or of the chronic, drawn out variety if dental disease is the culprit. So, it is understandable that after getting over tooth loss many patients what nothing more to do…

Illustration of a dental implant

As people age, they tend to lose their teeth. In the 21st century, tooth loss is less about decay and more about gum disease and erosion caused by decades of brushing. After tooth loss, gaps are left behind, sometimes just one gap, sometimes several, or sometime a completely empty jaw….

Girl with braces

Millions of people are still suffering from tooth loss, despite the advancements in dental care. In the UK, about 31% of adults suffer from tooth decay while 74% of adults had at least one of their tooth removed. Several causes lead to tooth loss but most often than not, tooth…