3 Key Features You Need in a BIM Hosting Site

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From CAD, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the next evolutionary stage of modeling in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. With many BIM service providers scaling up to serve the market, it is necessary to be selective with the services they offer, especially with BIM hosting.

Choosing the right hosting service is tantamount to efficiently met goals and well-explored planning horizons. Below are three key expectations one would need before subscribing to a BIM hosting service.

Effective content maintenance

BIM hosting sites or services that boast countless product models must be studied carefully as they may retain old product models just to magnify their numbers. Look for those that can take multiple types of content, ranging from 3D models to video content.

Additional documentation to support this content will also provide designers and engineers who will work with your projects headway on your products. Supporting documents like installation drawings aid users on pertinent product details in the built environment. Instructional videos add more information on product features and design.

Wide audience reach

When you compare the effectiveness of hosting services, it is recommendable that you ask several questions. On the number of unique and active visitors: How many visitors visit the site? Are they active? How often do they come back? Do they view multiple pages?

On visitor profiles: Who are those visiting the site? Are they part of the target audience you intend to reach? On download activities: What types or what specific downloads are visitors looking for? Are your product categories part of what they look for?

Integrated with design software

When choosing BIM hosting sites or services, look for the one integrated with the leading BIM design tools. This guarantees that your product information will be accessed easily by architecture, engineering, and construction professionals via their design applications.

Through this feature, your company will be able to target the correct audience, hence, decreasing the cost of searching for the intended market.

With early visibility, you ensure that your products will be chosen as soon as possible in the design process.