How Could Firms Maximize the Full Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud?

a businessman holding cloud software graphic

Certain challenges prevent companies from fully achieving the benefits of switching to the cloud, such as fewer infrastructure costs and better efficiency.

When migrating to the cloud, project management remains an important part of the process. Cloud solutions leader will say the same. Many companies decide to outsource this service to third-party providers. Doing so allows them to focus on their core operations, and control the costs of investing in new IT technologies.

Overcoming Challenges

Some enterprises delay a transition into the cloud because of safety concerns. Others simply forget that the cloud allows anyone with authorized access to enter the system from anywhere.

A solution to this shouldn’t focus on granting permission based on their location, whether they’re inside or outside the office. Instead, the system should recognize the user based on their identity and level of access in the network.

For instance, managers would have broader access than entry-level employees. This serves as a good solution for companies with remote employees from around the world. If you decide to a hire third-party cloud provider, ask about they could protect your digital safety during the migration process.

Safety Risk

Cloud security will likely be the top challenge in the near future for companies worldwide. If your business also operates in the UK, be aware of how your cloud migration would be able to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

The newly enforced law requires companies to protect the data privacy and security of individuals in Europe. The US ecommerce industry should already have a contingency plan on how their use of the cloud would affect their offshore operations.

There is a relative skills gap for cloud project management services, and small business may find it too expensive to establish an in-house team to fulfill this need. Consider hiring an IT service provider that could provide you with custom solutions whether for short- or long-term goals.