Why Companies Should Hire Third-party IT Service Providers for Now

Hiring a third party IT service

Third-party IT service providers will be more relevant for U.S. firms soon due to a large number of experienced workers nearing retirement.

Based on CompTIA figures, as many as 140,000 vacancies in the IT industry indicate a shortage of skilled professionals for different services. These services might involve network solutions from southern Utah companies or cybersecurity strategies from those in Los Angeles.

A Shortage of Manpower

The looming shortage of IT professionals will affect all companies. However, a bigger risk awaits large companies without any contingency plan. Some recruiters believe that failing to replace the aging workforce in the coming years will lead to unsupported infrastructure systems.

Most of these systems likely began to function at the same time that baby boomers started their IT careers. Younger workers aren’t keen on working with legacy systems, but their maintenance remains necessary for now to avoid gaps in IT infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Initiative

Another reason to hire third-party service providers has to do with cybersecurity. Outsourcing this need makes more sense due to the lack of skilled professionals in this field. The U.S. government recently introduced a bill to support training and apprenticeship programs as a solution, but the process will require some time for young workers to acquire the necessary experience.

Hackers will probably exploit the current situation, which already manifested in different ransomware attacks that occurred in 2017. Hence, companies should consider all options for maintaining the security of their IT systems.

In this era of digital connectivity, it’s hard to imagine the growth of companies without IT solutions. The anticipated shortage of skilled workers should push them to consider some alternatives such as IT outsourcing, which could be more affordable than establishing an in-house team.