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FilterPro 2010-09-12 19:54:45 Description: Texas Instruments provides free FilterPro v3.0 active filter design software which can design multiple feedback (MFB), Sallen-Key, low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and band-stop filters using voltage feedback op amps.
Visual Studio Express 2010-01-01 18:43:41 Description: Microsoft has free entry level tools available for software development in:
  • Visual Basic
  • C/C++
  • C#
These include integrated graphical GUI builder, compiler, linker and debug modules.
C to Verilog 2009-07-04 14:48:55 Description: C to Verilog is an easy to use web-based service which accepts a C language description of your datapath and generates synthesizable Verilog output.
SPARK C-to-VHDL high-level synthesis framework 2009-07-04 14:29:35 Description: "SPARK takes behavioral ANSI-C code as input, schedules it using speculative code motions and loop transformations, runs an interconnect-minimizing resource binding pass and generates a finite state machine for the scheduled design graph. Finally, a backend code generation pass outputs synthesizable register-transfer level (RTL) VHDL. This VHDL can then by synthesized using logic synthesis tools into an ASIC or by mapped onto a FPGA. "
NL5 Circuit Simulator 2009-03-23 23:44:52 Description: Piece-wise linear circuit simulator. Graphical schematic entry, transient and AC analysis, many features. Due to unique algorithm, NL5 performes much better than Spice-based simulators for many types of analog circuits, particularly switching mode power supplies
SynaptiCAD 2009-03-23 23:35:21 Description: SynaptiCAD makes a family of CAD tools for use on Linux, Solaris & Windows. Current products include:
  • TestBencher
  • BugHunter
  • VeriLogger
  • Waveformer
  • Timing Diagrammer
  • HDL Tranlators
  • GigaWave Viewer
  • HDL Companion
BRL-CAD 2008-07-14 22:39:15 Description: From the BRL-CAD website: "BRL-CAD is a powerful cross-platform Open Source combinatorial Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) solid modeling system that includes interactive 3D solid geometry editing, high-performance ray-tracing support for rendering and geometric analysis, network-distributed framebuffer support, image and signal-processing tools, path-tracing and photon mapping support for realistic image synthesis, a system performance analysis benchmark suite, an embedded scripting interface, and libraries for robust high-performance geometric representation and analysis."
SAGE: Open Source Mathematics Software 2008-04-28 23:27:55 Description: Sage is a comprehensive open-source mathematics software suite that has the mission statement "Creating a viable free open source alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica, and Matlab".
Autodesk Alias Studio Personal Learning Edition 2008-03-09 20:34:08 Description: Autodesk AliasStudio Personal Learning Edition is a special version of the AliasStudio 3-D design tool; providing free access for non-commercial use. The free version of the tool offers almost every feature included in the full commercial version.
Calclulatoredge 2008-03-07 05:15:52 Description: calculatoredge.com offers an extensive set of online calculators for science and engineering applications. Need the parameters for a Butterworth filter? No problem. How about calculating RF power density? They got it, plus dozens, maybe hundreds more.
Google Sketchup 2007-12-31 11:02:38 Description: The Google Sketchup program (free) is a full featured program which allows you to quickly and easily create 3D models of just about anything. Sketchup Pro ($495) offers additional features for the professional.
InCyte Lite 2007-12-26 16:43:42 Description: ChipEstimate.com offers a free version of their InCyte chip estimation tool. Their website states "The system is used by thousands of chip planners to assess project feasibility, compare different IP configurations and to see the impact of new process nodes and IP on new and existing designs. Users input a high level design specification and InCyte Lite produces industry average estimations of chip die size, power, and leakage. Models used for estimation are built based upon averages from leading foundries and IP library suppliers. InCyte provides industry average estimation of the following key metrics:
  • Die area - Total die size and bounding, factoring in all specified IP and design components.
  • Power - Dynamic power consumption computed based on individual design components, factoring in frequency, switching activities, gate and IP data.
  • Leakage - Static power consumption computed and broken down by core, I/O, hierarchical block, as well as each IP macro. "
MagNet & ElecNet 2007-12-10 18:41:36 Description: Infolytica offers trial versions of its MagNet and ElecNet tools. Unlike a lot of trial software, these come with a reasonable duration license (the version of MagNet we downloaded had a license file good through August 2008 - a full nine months away), and some nifty features. The MagNet trial does static electromagnetic field simulations. ElecNet does electric field simulation.
NI Multisim Analog Devices Edition 2007-10-14 18:29:34 Description: Analog Devices is offering a free version of National Instruments Multisim SPICE tool which is tailored for evaluating ADI devices. More than 1000 component models are included.
CLARAty Reusable Robotic Software 2007-08-16 20:24:30 Description: "CLARAty is a framework that promotes reusable robotic software. It was designed to support heterogeneous robotic platforms and integrate advanced robotic capabilities from multiple institutions.

CLARAty stands for Coupled-Layer Architecture for Robotic Autonomy. It is a collaborative effort among four institutions: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA Ames Research Center, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Minnesota."

GreenSocs ESL Effort 2007-06-16 17:43:55 Description: The GreenSocs web site provides collaboratively developed, peer reviewed, ESL interfaces and infrastructure. Contents include GreenBus ("a versatile SystemC framework with which to model busses") and associated Spirit generator, DUST analysis framework for SystemC, a SystemC parser, and more.
CircuitLogix 2007-06-12 20:15:41 Description: CircuitLogix is a Spice-based simulation package that appears to be targeted at the educational marketplace. A free student version is can be downloaded by students for use on their own machines. See the CircuitLogix web site for license restrictions.
Calc98 2007-06-03 20:34:58 Description: Award winning calculator program for Windows. Supports scientific and programmer functions (hex/octal/binary operations are included).
Reverse Polish Notation Calculator 2007-06-03 16:34:59 Description: This browser-based RPN calculator was written by Guido Socher. It offers a 5 deep stack (all levels visible), 4 memory stores, and basic trig and log functions.
SpecC Reference Compiler 2007-05-29 18:15:28 Description: Offered by the University of California, Irvine, Center for Embedded Computer Systems, "The SpecC Reference Compiler (SCRC) is an Open Source implementation of a compiler and simulator for the SpecC language."
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