3 Reasons Garden Antiques Are Still Popular Today

With all the modern trends in landscape design today, you would think that garden antiques are no longer popular. After all, how on earth would antique planters fit in a sleek, minimalist garden design? You’d be surprised, however, to learn that several homeowners are still fascinated with antique fixtures for their lush, green garden.

Traditional Antique Lovers

Of course, there are a number of traditional antique lovers all over the country today. They are the primary buyers of garden antiques, as they appreciate these items for their historical value, artistic worth, and quality. They are active members of the antique trade, and are heavily involved with buying and selling pieces they come across in shops and even in online deals. But these groups, alone, cannot keep the industry alive.

Artistic Crowd

Suppliers of garden antiques and the like, such as AuthenticProvence.com will attest to the design-lover’s growing interest in discarded, broken, or vintage objects. Just think how popular reclaimed wood is in interior design. These groups are the same demographics that acquire garden antiques for creative and unusual uses. They repurpose the antiques to create something unique in the yard, such as using rustic, vintage flower pots as accent pieces.

A few of these aficionados of eclectic and antique items, however, still manage to utilize the vintage garden pieces for their original purposes. With creativity and imagination, they find ways to integrate these antique items with their modern garden decor.

The Thrill of the Hunt

Both the traditional antique lovers and the artistic crowd enjoy the thrill of the hunt. After all, the search and the discovery are arguably the most interesting part of antiquing. It is a rewarding feeling to know that you’ve found a garden ornament from the 1900’s after searching for hours in an antique shop.

Combine the excitement of finding something vintage with the active pursuit that traditional antique lovers demonstrate, as well as the growing interests of the art crowd in collectible and offbeat finds, and you can definitely say that the garden antique market is still alive and well.