How Should You Choose a Pool Fence?

Swimming in pools is a great way to relax and bond with your family and friends. However, alongside having fun in the pool is the risk of accidents. To prevent pool-related accidents, installing a pool safety fence is a must.

Here are some considerations to ponder when choosing a pool fence:

1. Safety

Choose a pool that has a self-latching gate or one that automatically closes. Another option is a gate that you can lock when the pool is not in use. Also, make sure that the fence meets the height requirement of four or five feet.

2. Code requirements

When installing the pool fence, make sure that you follow the safety code requirements regarding height and other gate features. You may choose a pool fence that comes with DIY instructions; otherwise, you have to call a service provider to help you out.

3. Material

Some popular choices for pool fences are glass, aluminum, vinyl, and wood. A glass fence will give you a clear view of what’s going on in the pool and around the area. You can monitor your kids’ activities even from a distance. Aluminum fence allows you to see the view around your pool. If you want privacy, vinyl fence is one great option. Wood fences tend to wrap and twist. You need to stain or paint it to last long. Whatever material you chose depends on your budget and design. Don’t forget the security and protection it provides.

4. Installation

Some pool fences are easy to install and disassemble, and you may want your pool fence to be permanent or not. If you have kids and pets around, you can install a permanent fence for security. If you’re fond of throwing swimming parties and you want a bigger space, a removable fence is most appropriate. Make sure though that the material is strong enough and the installation is easy.

5. Pool design

Choose a fence that will complement your yard or garden. The design should not disrupt the total look of the surroundings. Pick a design that can add up to the aesthetic appeal of your yard and increase its market value.

The danger of pool-related accidents can be life threatening. Prevent it by following safety measures and installing a durable pool fence.